JTN Therapy
Sessions of Relaxation

Massage has been proven to reduce blood pressure in a healthy person suffering from an increase in blood pressure due to stress

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JTN Therapy
Sessions of Relaxation

Swedish massage involves different methods of manipulation such as effleurage, petrrisage and tapotement.

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JTN Therapy
Sessions of Relaxation

Deep Tissue Massage is a form of massage used with the understanding of the layers of the body and ability to work with tissues in layers.

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A passionate, experienced and highly qualified Sports and Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer credited with combining therapy, personal training and healthcare management expertise to deliver a holistic health experience. Strong expertise in a variety of massage disciplines, treating injuries and individual personal training on behalf of high profile health and sporting entities.

Weight Management

Eating a well – balanced diet and daily physical activity are components of a weight management program.


Massage has been proven to reduce blood pressure in a healthy person suffering from an increase in blood pressure due to stress.

Injury Rehabilitation

The process of returning to competition after injury includes the healing of the injured tissues and the preparation of these tissues for the return to function.



I’d recommend Yemi Osoba to anyone looking for a personal trainer. She gives real attention to my training with a programme designed especially for me. Training can be boring, but not with Yemi. Her joy in life and quick humour makes every hour a pleasure.

Dean La Tourelle

I found Yemi through my cross fit gym , after my first massage I did a block booking of 10. She was so wonderful , she is very knowledgeable and I always feel great after seeing her for my massages.

I also got my entire family seen by her and they all loved the massage as well as friends who continue to see her. Highly recommended. She always tailors the session to how I am feeling and ensures I am doing fine throughout.

Sara Akhtar, 27

I started working out with Yemi mid February. Before her, I was working out (i.e. walking on the treadmill) once or twice a week but didn’t see any results and couldn’t figure out how to reach my goal to loose 17kg. Yemi crossed my path and initiated the whole transformation. We started with 30-minute sessions twice a week where we would do weights (a first for me) and proper cardio. I was given also a new diet which is now part of me. All of a sudden, everything fell into place. Now, we are doing 1-hour sessions twice a week, and I’m doing cardio almost everyday because it helped me discover new passions: running, swimming, walking…The first weeks were tough but now, it is all part of my daily routine. I have lost over 9 kg, so loosing the rest seems, without any doubts, totally feasible by July.

Audrey Dumas

I have been seeing Yemi for sports rehab and massage for over a year now and she has helped me a great deal. She is very passionate and enthusiastic about what she does, which is reflected in her professionalism and the quality of her service. From the smallest ache and pain to some really challenging sports injuries, Yemi has been able to provide me with fantastic advice, suggestions and treatments. I highly recommend her to anyone, whatever your need.

Holly Dixon

I have been a regular customer with Yemi and she is extremely good at sports massages. I have a huge knot in my shoulder and over the time it has gotten a lot better. I would recommend her and her service as it has helped me with my little niggles as I do a lot of crossfit so it is important to keep my muscles subtle and in good shape.

Marie Bondulich

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