Injury Rehabilitation at
JTN Therapy

The process of returning to competition after injury includes the healing of the injured tissues and the preparation of these tissues for the return to function (Thomas and Roger, 2008).

Treatment provided includes;

Mobilisation of a joint, massage of a tight soft tissue structure, stretching or strengthening of a muscle, correction of a postural problem or application of exercise programme, therapeutic ultrasound or Electrotherapy.


Decrease in pain
Increase tissue relaxation, local flow and scar tissue breakdown
Decrease in the inflammatory response to trauma
Return of full, pain-free, active range of motion,
Return full muscular strength, power and endurance
Return to full asymptomatic functional activities at the pre-injury level

Full Assessment

A full assessment will be carried out to see the best treatment for you. Therefore, you will be asked to remove items of clothing to assess your movement patterns. Could you please bring to your appointment a T-shirt and shorts where appropriate for your particular injury.

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