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Eating a well – balanced diet and daily physical activity are components of a weight management programme.


Internal conflicts and psychological factors such as lack of self-will, coping responses, self-perception of body image, past stigmatizing experiences related to excess body weight occurred as barriers to weight loss maintenance in the long term. Emotional factors such as feeling unable to manage weight, work commitments, family-related issues such as problems at home, occasions, low- income, exercise equipment’s and gym. Other factors such as unable to resist the temptation for junk food, huge portion size, eating disorders, depression and previous unsuccessful weight loss attempts.

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Cutting calories down, Portion control, watching food labels, regular breakfast and increased water intake can help maintaining weight loss in the long term. However, self-motivation, motivation received from family and friends, enhanced self-esteem, alongside with physical activity and healthy diet facilitate long-term weight loss maintenance and improve the overall quality of life. (Gupta, 2014).

Professional face to face intervention was effective way of managing weight gain (Thomas et al ., 2011). As a weight management specialist and Personal trainer, I’m able to work with an individual client, assessing them, developing a fitness, health or diet programme to help them obtain their objectives.

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